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Your Rights

We Do Not work for the Insurance Company, We work for you!

If you’ve ever had to file a claim with an insurance company, you might have felt pressured to use one of their specific repair shops. This practice is called steering, and is illegal. It is fairly common for insurance companies to use verbal techniques to scare customer into thinking they won’t receive payment for their claim or that it will cost more if they choose a different shop. The insurance companies have contracts with specific body shops which they dictate of how a vehicle should be repaired, what parts are used and turn-around time on the repairs which sometimes affect the quality of the workmanship. You should also know some insurance companies may have ownership in the repair facility they recommend which is a conflict of interest. Also, some insurance companies pay commission and bonuses to employees for referring customers to specific repair shops. As a consumer of automotive collision repair, you have the right to have your vehicle repaired at the collision shop of your choice. Do Not let the insurance company make the decision for you.

We do not work for the insurance company, we work for you. We focus on Quality! We educate our customers on the entire process and walk them through it. We go through the entire estimate with you on what we are repairing and or replacing. Customers can request photos of the entire repair from start to finish. We also don’t mind if you just want to pop in and see how your baby is doing. We want you to trust us a 100% and not have any doubts. We will negotiate with the insurance for any additional damages we find and request to use genuine factory parts on your vehicle. We also include Limited Lifetime Warranty on all repairs. We make it easy for you!

Give us a call at (847) 297-3430 and we’ll take care of you!

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